3M roll stripes or pinstriping tape is made from 3M P Series High Performance Automotive Grade Scotchcal and is ideal for professional use in matching existing stripes or creating original striping designs. It is almost exclusively used in the caravan industry and is guaranteed to outperform its competitors.

Sizes 12mm and under come with a clear application tape pre fitted.

Sizes 21mm and above come with white application tape or premask pre fitted.

*Please see available sizes and colour options below, along with pricing. Minimum order requirements apply to some colours/sizes. The colour chart is to be used as a guide only, as colours will appear differently depending on what screen or device it is being viewed on.

Pinstripe Pricing

SizePer MeterFull Roll (45m)Per MeterFull Roll (45m)
2 x 3mm (Twin pack)$16.82 ($0.19/m)$18.55 ($0.21/m)
6mm$15.28 ($0.34/m)$16.82 ($0.38/m)
12mm$24.49 ($0.55/m)$27.18 ($0.61/m)
21mm$2.77/m$34.64 ($0.77/m)$2.87/m$38.98 ($0.87/m)
25mm$2.86/m$38.74 ($0.86/m)$2.97/m$43.58 ($0.97/m)
50mm$3.58/m$71.01 ($1.58/m)$3.78/m$79.89 ($1.78/m)
76mm$4.40/m$107.96 ($2.40/m)$4.70/m$121.46 ($2.70/m)
101mm$143.47 ($3.19/m)$161.40 ($3.59/m)
152mm$6.80/m$215.77 ($4.80/m)$7.40/m$242.74 ($5.40/m)

Colour Chart