Australia’s largest supplier of 3M pinstriping and High Performance Automotive Grade Scotchcal. Specialists in the caravan industry.

Automotive Grade Scotchcal

3M ‘P Series’ High Performance Automotive Grade Scotchcal is the ONLY coloured vinyl on the market which meets automotive manufacturing standards. If your car came from the factory with vinyl stripes or labels on it, this is what was used!

Caravan Decals

With over 10yrs experience in the caravan industry, we can install or repair your caravan stripes for you (depending on current workload). If we can’t do what you are after, as a supplier to the caravan industry, we can point you in the direction of someone who can.

Digital Printing

Using the latest Roland printing technology, we can produce a variety of printed items, such as spot graphics, labels, wall stickers and pull-up banners, to name a few, but our main focus is producing caravan signage.

Flexo/Roll Slitting

We also have the capability to slit down large rolls of vinyl and other materials into smaller widths, with our wide format manual slitter. We also have a flexo slitter arriving shortly, which will give us the ability to convert any vinyl into smaller lengths and widths, providing a wider range of available pinstripe colours.